Group Booking

For any group bookings of 10 rooms or more, special conditions will apply. 

A dedicated team will be available to inform and assist you in your booking. 

Please be advised that group bookings are possible via email only and not online to  

To send you the most suitable offer, the following information are necessary:

  • Name of the company. To avoid any redundant booking, in case of agency request, the name of the final client has to be communicated.
  • Number of rooms requested with arrival and departure dates
  • Room occupancy
  • Hotel category
  • Budget
  • Any other details which can help us

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Voyages C. Mathez Novatours
Housing Bureau for MARE DI MODA
6 Avenue Selvosa - Résidence Le Gallia - 06400 Cannes
Phone : +33 (0)4 93 06 70 45


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